The Road To Recovery

How can we help you?

Injury Assessment

Whether it is an old problem or a new problem, if there is something troubling you, we can help. 

Rehab Exercise + Programme

Exercise plays a huge part in the prevention of injuries as well as being key in the recovery from injury.


Massage has been shown to increase blood flow, it helps the breakdown in tissue adhesions, reduces muscle hypertonicity and helps with the the realignment of tissues after injury damage. 


Read what my clients have to say

" I had a reoccurring pain every time I ran a certain distance, and had great trouble dealing with it. After being assessed & treated at the clinic I am able to enjoy my evening runs again!" - Michael 

"I was suffering with a groin injury, I was treated with great care, provided with a great rehab program and massage therapy the results are fantastic I can't believe the difference it has made, thank you ICRC" - Helen

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